Reading the Bible: "10 or 20 Minutes?" How Many Minutes Should I Read?​

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woman reading the Bible

How can you read the Bible? How long does it take to read the Bible?

Any type of numerous researches on just how to read the Holy bible should initially go over the factors for why checking out the Scriptures is considerable in everyday life. In the bible verse of 1 Timothy 3:16, it states that the Holy bible is “God-breathed,” which means as well as suggests that it is God’s words to humanity.

The Holy bible is commonly referred to as its very own finest teacher. However, it is not set up like those encyclopedia publications. You can not most likely to phase one as well as read everything about who God is and also go to chapter two for you to check out and learn every little thing regarding the life, as well as sacrificial works of Jesus. Bear in mind that when you’re reading the Holy bible, the verses as well as phases are damaged and also placed in the scriptures by guy. It is better for you to review the bible by each paragraph.

So what if Christians or even non-Christians attempted binge-reading? What if you have tried in-taking large amounts of Scriptures in a short time? The quantity of time that would take you to binge-watching one movie season is possibly equivalent if you read the entire New Testimony.

How should we read the Bible? And how long should it take? These are 6 straightforward listings or pointers that will certainly assist you find out how to check out the bible, especially if you’re a newbie.

Tips for Reading the Bible #1. Selection a Scripture version that’s simple for you to read and also comprehend

Create below’s the all out reality regarding it, if you do not comprehend it then definitely you won’t review it.

According to history, originally, the Bible was written in the Hebrew as well as Greek language. It’s one of the earliest translations into English was the King James Variation (KJV) of the Holy bible, however nowadays there are a selection of variations to select from. There are some translations that focus on being much more specific and also are best for your Scriptures research fellowship or to your Area Holy bible research, while there are others that concentrate on readability and are excellent for devotions.

If you’re a novice to review the holy bible, it is being recommended for you to use the New Living Translation (NLT), or New International Version (NIV) or a study Scriptures in the English Standard Version (ESV). The New Living Translation version of the Holy bible is the most legible while still being literal in its translation. The Research Bibles consist of explanations that are describing flows of the Bible that are difficult to recognize for reading the Biseeeeeeble.

Furthermore, you can also download a Holy bible application to your phone, laptop computer or any type of devices you have or you can likewise check out the Holy Bible at These are wonderful tools for novices as well as professionals alike for reading the Bible.

Tips for Reading the Bible #2. When reading the Bible, you do not need to start at the beginning necessarily 

The Bible contains a total amount of 66 separate publications that are assembled right into one book. The first 39 publications of the Old Testimony are the tale of God as well as his individuals prior to the resulting the Messiah Jesus Christ. The next 27 books of the New Testament grab the story beginning with the birth of Jesus.

If you are new to the Holy bible, the very best area to begin analysis remains in the Gospel of John. This book which is the 4th book in the New Testament includes John’s eyewitness account of the life of Jesus. As one of Jesus’ closest adherents, John’s account is both enthralling and also useful.

John’s utmost objective in creating is to help us think and also make it the ideal place to begin.
You can review it in guide of John chapter 20 verse 31.

Tips for Reading the Bible #3. Make a decision on which book in the Bible you intend to start and also plan your schedule through it.

You need a Bible analysis plan or you will certainly throw away valuable minutes thumbing through the Holy bible and also never ever rather touchdown. So one more thing you need to do is to choose one publication of the Holy bible and review a little each day. Possibly, you can review also a bit, it relies on the accessibility of your time.

If you are most likely to reading the bible with one phase of John a day, it will take no more than 5-10 minutes and you check out all written in the book of John in its entirety in 21 days.

After reviewing John, move to the following various other gospels such as Matthew, Mark, or Luke.
Then, you can next off check out Philippians, Ephesians, and Colossians, which supply sensible motivation as well as guideline for living the Christian life. Romans are packed with necessary doctrine. You can read in guide of Genesis how it was discussed the beginning factor of everything. In addition, Psalms are full of heartfelt prayers that use you encouragement for every single period of your life.

Remain to work your way with one publication at once, and also you’ll never find yourself messing up for where to check out again.

Tips for Reading the Bible #4. An additional finest point to do is to read a little each day!

Having as well as getting God’s Word into your life does not need to take you long. Starting tiny from 5 or 10 minutes is much better than never ever reading in any way. In some cases much less is more, specifically when reviewing less, it just indicates that you’ll really remember a lot more.

Furthermore, never forget to select a time and area that’s convenient for you. A lot of individuals read their Scriptures first thing in the morning, selecting to hang out with God prior to day-to-day diversions jump on their method. Yet if early mornings aren’t your point, don’t sweat it. Bear in mind, that you check out God’s Word is more vital than when you check out God’s Word.

Tips for Reading the Bible #5. Pray prior to you start reading 

Take a pause initially also just for a min prior to you open your Bible and ask God to talk to you. Remember, the Bible is God’s Word as well as it is God’s love letter contacted His individuals, which includes you.

Do not miss as well as forget to ask God to aid you to understand His Word. Ask Him to utilize His word to educate you, to direct you, and also even to reroute you, when needed. Ask Him to use His Word to help you to know Him and love Him.

In Jeremiah 29:13, it claims, “You will certainly seek me and discover Me if you seek Me with all your heart.” God likes to reveal himself to those who seek Him reading the bible.

Tips for Reading the Bible #6. Make a note of what you have find out

As you review the Scriptures, don’t forget to ask 2 inquiries: What does the bible show me regarding God? What does this most likely to instruct me about how I should live?

Undoubtedly, as you review you will locate 1 or 2 instructions that seem to leap off the page reading the bible. Maybe they speak with a problem you have been facing, perhaps they supply and also give you a response to a long-held question, maybe they give you comfort or motivation and perhaps they supply an instance to follow or stay clear of.

When a verse resounds with you, quit as well as write it down, verbatim. As discussed over, take a time out and allow the message sink in since these words are God’s words to you.

Amongst all, be willful in obtaining God’s Word into your thoughts and also you will certainly quickly see your connection with God flourish as well as your life has actually altered. After all, isn’t that the entire factor of checking out the Holy Bible.

Now, how long does it take for you to read the Bible?

It can be really helpful for everyone to realize just how much time reading the Bible actually takes. The list below is the amount of time you can spend in each book from the shortest to longest and how many words you can read within 2 minutes or more for reading the bible.

Shortest Books of the Bible to Longest Books of the Bible 

3 John – 219 words take 2.2 minutes

2 John – 245 words take 2.5 minutes

Philemon – 335 words take 3.5 minutes

Obadiah – 440 words take 4.5 minutes

Jude – 461 words take 4.6 minutes

Titus – 659 words take 7 minutes

2 Thessalonians – 823 words take 8 minutes

Nahum – 855 words take 8.5 minutes

Haggai – 926 words take 9 minutes

Habakkuk 1,011 words take 10 minutes

Jonah – 1,082 words take 10 minutes

2 Peter – 1,099 words take 10 minutes

Zephaniah – 1,141 words take 10 minutes

2 Timothy – 1,238 words take 12 minutes

Malachi – 1,320 words take 13 minutes

Joel – 1,447 words take 15 minutes

1 Thessalonians – 1,481words take15 minutes

Colossians – 1,582 words take 16 minutes

1 Timothy – 1,591 words take 16 minutes

Philippians – 1,629 words take 16 minutes

1 Peter – 1,684 words take 17 minutes

James – 1,742 words take17.5 minutes

Song of Songs – 2,020 words take 20 minutes

Ruth – 2,039 words take 20 minutes

Micah – 2,118 words take 21 minutes

1 John – 2,141 words take 21 minutes

Galatians – 2,230 words take 22 minutes

Lamentations – 2,324 words take 23 minutes

Ephesians – 2,422 words take 24 minutes

Amos – 3,027 words take 30 minutes

Hosea – 3,615 words take 36 minutes

2 Corinthians- 4,477 words take 45 minutes

Ecclesiastes – 4,537 words take 45 minutes

Zechariah – 4,855 words take 48 minutes

Esther – 4,932 words take 49 minutes

Hebrews – 4,953 words take 50 minutes

Ezra – 5,605 words take 56 minutes

1 Corinthians – 6,830 words take  68 minutes

Romans – 7,111 words take 71 minutes

Nehemiah – 8,507 words take 85 minutes

Daniel – 9,001 words take 90 minutes

Revelation – 9,851 words take 98 minutes

Proverbs – 9,921 words take 99 minutes

Mark – 11,304 words take 113 minutes

Job – 12,674 words take 126 minutes

Judges – 15,385 words take 153 minutes

John – 15,635 words take 156 minutes

Joshua – 15,671 words take 156 minutes

1 Chronicles – 16,664 words take 166 minutes

2 Samuel- 17,170 words take 171 minutes

Matthew – 18,346 words take 183 minutes

Acts – 18,450 words take 184 minutes

2 Kings – 18,784 words take 187 minutes

Leviticus – 18,852 words take 188 minutes

Luke – 19,482 words take 194 minutes

1 Kings – 20,361 words take 203 minutes

1 Samuel – 20,837 words take 208 minutes

2 Chronicles – 21,349 words take  213 minutes

Deuteronomy- 23,008 words take 230 minutes

Numbers – 25,048 words take 250 minutes

Isaiah – 25,608 words take 256 minutes

Exodus – 25,957 words take 259 minutes

Ezekiel – 29,918 words take 299 minutes

Psalms – 30,147 words take 301 minutes

Genesis – 32,046 words take  320 minutes

Jeremiah – 33,002 words take 330 minutes



Remember when you are reading the Bible, though, you should really attend and focus on meaning rather than just the time that you are spending for reading the bible

If you put 36 minutes of your time per day into reading the Bible, probably, you could finish the entire New Testament in a month. Or you can take some time off from other activities and if you focus a lot of time per day, you can read the entire New Testament in just two days for reading the bible.

It will only take just 70 hours and 40 minutes to read the Bible through at pulpit rate, and aloud. 

Plus, it will also take 52 hours and 20 minutes only to read the Old Testament, and just 18 hours and 20 minutes to finish reading the bible the New Testament.

The longest book, Psalms, will take you just 4 hours and 28 minutes to finish reading the bible.
And it takes a mere 2 hours and 43 minutes to finish 
reading the bible Luke.

Possibly, a person could read the Bible in a year by reading less than 12 minutes of his/her time a day.
So why not get out your Bible and start 
reading the bible at least a few minutes each day? 

Remember, it’s not about just getting through the Bible but try to understand, comprehend and internalize each passage you are about to reading the bible. Good luck! 

Stay Strong
Stay Strong !

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